3 comments on “A summer drive

  1. Life Flight on - Reply

    Hi Paul, Thank you again for your kind words and amazing photos. We really do appreciate the support. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season. All the best.

  2. Sean Singleton on - Reply

    Good on you Paul , I am far too aware of the amazing job these guys do.. They saved my brothers life after he broke his leg whilst out dirt bike riding and then a year or so later they were again involved in an accident involving my niece whilst quad bike riding out near Masterton earlier this year, sadly this time the outcome wasn’t so good and the rescue chopper team did all they possibly could but sometimes even they can’t save everyone. Life flight will always be close to my heart . I too am a keen photography and have been able through my photography to help the life flight. They have used a great number of my photographs to help advertise the amazing job that these guys do ever day. I feel very privileged to be able to help them and will do as at every oppertunity that I possibly can. I wish there was a way I could do more photography for them but unfortunately I’m not yet in a position to take it to the next level. I keep my fingers crossed though that one day a door may open that gives me the oppertunity to do just that .. Until that day comes though I’ll just keep helping Life Flight any way I possibly can…

  3. De Mckinney on - Reply

    Thank you for taking the time to do this although we are miles apart as we are up in the northern part of Idaho. Lifeflight and Medstar are a vital part of our rescues and we thank them for their help so much. I shared with a page I manage St. Joe EMS

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