About Paul Green.

Portrait of Paul Green the photographer

Me. Hiding behind a camera.

Photographers don’t like talking about themselves. Most prefer to be behind the lens making beautiful images. But here goes…

I’ve had a career of more than 25 years working as a graphic designer and art director, both in the UK and (since 1990) in Auckland, New Zealand.
My favourite part of that time was working alongside some of this country’s best commercial photographers and watching them create absolute magic in front of my eyes. People like Max Thomson, Chris Lewis, Gareth Eyres, Chris Tudehope, Chris Rarere and Julian Apse to name a few. And while I don’t claim to be in their league, I am forever indebted to them for their patience, skill and for igniting that flame.
Some of my design clients from that period included people like Anne Geddes, Ivan Clarke as well as some of New Zealand’s largest companies like Lion Nathan, Masterfoods and Sanitarium.
A move south to the main island in 2009, prompted a mixed approach with bits of artist, designer, marketer and photographer all part of the toolkit since then.
That training and experience means that I know what your Designer will want from an image, what your Marketing team needs and what your customer is going to connect with.
Why not tap into that and talk to me about making your next “Images by Design”.

What is Commercial Photography anyway?

Great question! I define commercial photography as any photography created to a brief. Hence “Images by Design”.
In other words, you and I sit down together and talk about what your image requirements are. And this is an important step. Because in my experience, a lot of businesses have images on their website or in their print material, that aren’t communicating as effectively as they might. Or worse, they are sending out the wrong message completely!
Here’s where my experience in Design and Marketing really helps because I know what works.
So it’s important we talk about what you are trying to do and then together, figure out a way to make those images a reality.

What else should you know about me?

My wife and I have 2 grown boys who are now pursuing careers as outdoor guides and instructors elsewhere in the South Island of New Zealand.
I drive (and tinker with) a classic 1970 Volkswagen Kombi. My love for aircooled vehicles goes back a while and I have plenty of stories I could bore you with!
I’m an espresso tourist (ask me where to go to get the best espresso in the world. Warning: Subjective opinion masquerading as fact!)
I’m also the man behind the Wakatipu Community Darkroom – an initiative to keep analog film and alternative photographic processes alive and thriving. It’s a project that’s still in it’s infancy but watch this space.

Get in touch today to have a chat about your next project.

Some of my clients include: